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Sellers Share Deals

Amazon sellers share deals and coupons for a huge selection of products, most 50% off or more.

Community Publish

Our community publishes the best deals we receive from the most respected sellers.

Shoppers Get Deals

Shoppers get the best deals on the web and can save money everyday with fresh deals.

Shopper? Shop Great Deals Now:

Seller? Offer Great Deals, Get New Customers

Our Commitment

Shopping On Amazon? Check First.

Amazon sellers offer new deals for Vipon shoppers everyday. If you are planning on buying something on Amazon, search first– maybe you will find it for 50% off.

For Amazon Sellers

Through our seller software AMZ Tracker, sellers offer their products on Vipon at discounted prices to get increased sales. Not only does this increase their Amazon rankings and grow their business, but it also helps them establish great relationships with shoppers and the community.

More Reasons to Use Vipon

If you’re a shopper looking for great discounts:

  • Save money and cut down on expenses by buying products at 50 to 100% off — yes, even FREE!
  • Save time by shopping online through Vipon, which guarantees great deals
  • Try out new products that have just hit the market before anyone else
  • Get products quickly with free 2-day shipping by using your Amazon Prime account
  • Shop thousands upon thousands of items in home, clothing, beauty, electronics, tech, kids, books, pets and more

If you’re an Amazon seller looking for increased sales:

  • Skyrocket your daily sales numbers and increase sales velocity
  • Launch new products and get traction quickly
  • Promote your product to over 300,000 shoppers looking for products just like yours
  • Increase your rankings on Amazon against competitors Join as a seller by accessing the AMZ Tracker promotions tool feature at Read more about how to use Vipon to get an edge on your competitors below.


How do I shop on Vipon?

Vipon is an online shopping platform where you can get awesome new products in home, outdoors, kitchen, beauty, clothing, pets, baby, kids, electronics, tech and more at 50% to 100% off.

Yes, even free!

Getting started is super simple: Enter your email and a create password and start shopping today. Shopping on Vipon is easy, fun, and yes, even a bit addictive.

You’ll save tons of time and money.

Not only are you getting great deals shipped straight to your door, you’re also helping small business owners — Amazon sellers — boost their businesses.

How do I increase my sales on Vipon?

When you get started with the AMZ Tracker Complete Seller’s ToolKit as an Amazon seller, you not only get access to keyword tracking, keyword research, negative review tracking, sales tracking and many more tools, but also our Promotions Tool.

The Promotions Tool helps you quickly and easily list your products on Vipon, and is one of our most effective tools for bringing you a large volume of sales quickly so you can increase rankings and revenue simultaneously.

Setting up a promotion in AMZ Tracker is simple: Just list your product for at least 50% off to our community of more than 300,000 caring shoppers, and then watch the deal requests and sales roll in.

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