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YOUPINWEI Organic Moisturizing Hand Mask,Hydrating Glove for Dry Skin, Hand Care for Winter Nourishing Smoothing Whitening Christmas Gift (5 Pairs/Box)

$7.5 $14.99

50% Discount - Now only $7.50 — You’ve heard of face masks, now how about hand masks? These nourishing and hydrating hand masks contain a 100% natural and revitalising balm to rejuvenate skin and reverse the signs of ageing. The masks contain Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Avocado and rose essence to leave your skin feeling as soft as a babies. — Coupon expires 2018-12-13

Outdoor Exploration Kit for Kids, Binoculars, Flashlight, Compass, Magnifying Glass, Butterfly Net, Whistle, Tweezer, Bug Container, Backpack. Great Gift For Birthday, Educational, Camping & Hiking

$10.49 $20.99

50% Discount - Now only $10.49 — The perfect educational gift for curious young kids. Let them explore nature , it’s exciting, full of useful tools, unique, and practical. Motivate your kids to explore outdoors and learn together. — Coupon expires 2018-12-31

Acne Cover Pimple Spot Patch - 60 Dots Hydrocolloid Absorbing Bandages, Drug-Free, Breathable Cover, Acne Spot Treatment for Face Skin Spot Patch Conceals Acne, 12mm

$6.49 $12.99

55% Discount - Now only $5.85 — These hydrocolloid pimple stickers can efficiently absorb wound exudate, pus, oil, reduce redness and inflammation, good for cell repair and speed up wound healing. — Coupon expires 2018-12-15

IDEALCRAFT Adjustable Double Flame Kitchen Cooking Torch Blowtorch - Powerful Flame Butane Torch - Culinary Torch for Cooking

$11.5 $22.99

50% Discount - Now only $11.50 — This Amazon Choice professional cooking blowtorch is perfect for creating creme brûlée, flamed sushi, and a whole range of desserts. Take your cooking game to the next level with this premium quality piece of equipment. — Coupon expires 2019-07-31

TAILI 5 Packs 8" & 11" Combo Vacuum Sealer Rolls Commercial Grade Food Storage Saver Bags, Compatible for Foodsaver, Sous Vide, Fits Inside Machine

$17.99 $35.99

50% Discount - Now only $16.99 — Cut these convenient sealing bags down to any size and use them with any and all vacuum sealer machines on the market. Perfect for conserving fresh food, and cooking sous vide. — Coupon expires 2018-12-15

Universal Shower Filter to remove 99% chlorine and water impurifies, shower head filter with 3 stage Carbon filtration system and lifetime indicator,miniwell L730, soften skin and healthier hairs

$14.99 $29.98

50% Discount - Now only $14.99 — This high-quality purifier removes up to 99% of chlorine, THMs, pesticide residue, bacteria, and other unwanted particulates from your water. Revitalise your body and see fast improvement in your hair and skin — Coupon expires 2018-12-31