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True AAA high-power large-capacity alkaline batteries, very suitable for high-power electrical appliances, (LR03 AM4 1.5V1200mAH), a total of 24Pack (12Pack type) welcome the actual electrical test.

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About the product

  • Product Name:AAA Alkaline Battery(LR03 AM4/1.5V) a:Excellent leakage proof performance . b:Excellent discharge capacity .c. Unique explosion protection capability d. Excellent storage stability e.Reaching the environmental requirements of the developed countries in Europe and America.
  • Nominal voltage: 1.5V,End-point Voltage:0.9VHigh capacity, high performance, high quality ,Suitable for high current discharge
  • Rated capacity: AAA: 1200mAh Discharge time is long, the discharge performance is stable and continuous, for lighting electrical high-power electrical appliances can clearly and intuitively see high-quality product performance.
  • Average weight: AAA: 11.0 ~ 12.0g On the battery performance do not understand friends, The weight of the test will be able to know that the production of raw materials is not reduced, the use of authentic advanced raw materials, To ensure adequate capacity, Stable performance
  • Mercury&Cadmium:0% Guaranteed Shelf Life: 36 monthsWe also ensure that the product is environmentally friendly and low discharge rate at the same time, but also to ensure that the three-year storage period is still to maintain sufficient power.
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