Silky Stretchy Baby Car Seat Cover, Multi-Use Infinity Nursing Covers, And Breastfeeding Cover, Carseat Canopy

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Silky Stretchy Baby Car Seat Cover, Multi-Use Infinity Nursing Covers, And Breastfeeding Cover, Carseat Canopy

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About the product

  • Multi-use 4-in-1 car seat cover. Nursing cover. High chair cover and Shopping cart cover.
  • Soft Breathable fabric to keep air expedite when mother breastfeeding baby or baby sleep on the car seat.
  • Breastfeeding and soft, made of Spandex Mix Polyester, fits most car seats and nursing mothers, high chair and shopping cart.
  • Full Cover design, more easy to use, offer free carry bag(same to cover’s), more easy to storage.
  • we especially used recyclable PE zipper bag packaging and choose modern and fashion pattern, bulid it can be the best gift for new mothers and Baby Shower Days.


PRACTICAL GIFT FOR NEWBORN SHOWER PARTY -- MULTI-USE NURSING COVERS,LET'S KNOW MORE: Designed to: 1.Lactating women ( nursing cover )      2.Baby car seat cover ( cover and canopy )      3.Baby shower gift ( practical gift for new mom ) It's functions: 1.Use as a Baby carseat cover/canopy
360°Protection from:
Onlooking strangers
Airborn dust and dirt
Hot sunlight and light
Bug and potential ​germs
Wind/rain(non water-proof)

  2.Use as a Privacy breastfeeding cover
Soft and breathable
360°Protection's covers
Strong and high stretchy
Feeding the baby on any place 3.Use as a Shopping cart cover
Public shopping cart has
many dirt and germs,before
your baby sit on the cart,
please don't forget to covering this smart cover 4.Use as a Feeding high chair cover
Feeding or play with the baby is a happy but not easy work,as parents we care babies's safety and hygiene every moment,use this cover, give your baby one more safeguard Read more Provide 360° coverage for mothers breastfeed Are you still to looking for a hidden back corner to nurse your baby when you in public? Now wear Hicoco's multi-use cover, feeding baby
is just so easy, infinity tubular deisgn, offer the 360° coverage, let you have complete privacy anytime, anywhere! Cover size is 27.5 x
27.5",you can wear it with one arm out of the cover, or both arms inside depending on preference. High stretchy fabric keep all the time
has the enough place while mothers breastfeed. It also can use as a fashion shawls (top size is 13.7")  baby sleep blanket  Changing Pad
baby play mat      infinity scarf      even a temporary diaper      .......   more purpose waiting for your discover and share   ....... More functions:

5.Use as a Stroller canopy
Easy to match mostly baby stroller 6.Use as a Safety seat cover
Quiet trip for baby 7.Use as a Storage/carry bag
Each order has a free carry bag, you can use it as a storage bag Read more

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