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Phone Lens - Cell Phone Camera Lens Kit

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It can be said that the best camera is the one that’s with you. In this fast-paced world, the chance of someone carrying a Smartphone camera over a bulky DSLR camera is much greater in their daily lives. In case you are thinking about stepping up to the next level with your phone photography, buying this MEMTEQ smart phone lenses could be an amazing upgrade for your phone camera and social media.

This MEMTEQ Cell Phone Camera Lens Kit is made of premium optical glass and high quality material allowing you to capture stunning quality photos in high definition. Get clear and crisp shots every time without unwanted noise in your photos. MEMTEQ Wide Lens helps you largely expand the field of view and enables you to capture the entire family or a whole team into one picture. MEMTEQ Macro Lens enables you to capture all the intricacies and details with precision-focus for razor crisp macro photos every time. MEMTEQ Fisheye Lens gives you a wide angle perspective and beautiful barrel distortion. MEMTEQ 2X Telephone Lens is a body installed to your mobile phone to be extended to 2 times the focal length or 2 times the lens of subsidiary device. MEMTEQ CPL Lens boost the color and contrast in your images.

MEMTEQ universal 8 in 1 Cell Phone Camera Lenses can be used with a wide range of mobile phones such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung and Tablets. MEMTEQ cell phone lens set contains 0.65X Macro & Wide Lens, Fisheye Lens 180°, Telephone Lens 2X, CPL Lens, Super Fisheye Lens 235°& 19X Macro Lens and 0.4X Super Wide Angel Lens. Professional but portable to use, universal but distinct for each shot. If you are passionate about taking photos with your Smartphone and need some easy-to-use multifunctional lenses, this MEMTEQ phone lenses will fit you like a glove. It is an absolute must for photography lovers who want to share their work with the world!

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