Essential Oils by Mooka, Top 6 Pure Therapeutic Grade Aromatherapy Essential Oil Set Kit


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Essential Oils by Mooka, Top 6 Pure Therapeutic Grade Aromatherapy Essential Oil Set Kit

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Top 6 Essential Oil Set: Contains 6 bottles (10ml/bottle), Lavender, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, Sweet Orange, Peppermint, which are the most popular essential oils on the planet.
100% Pure & Natural: We are proud that all of our essential oils are derived from plants in-sourced all over the world and bottled in the USA without adding any synthetic fragrance chemicals. For example, Lavender essential oils sourced from South African; Peppermint essential oils sourced from Japanese; Tea Tree essential oils sourced from Australian…
Smell of Nature: You know that our essential oils are 100% pure without adding any synthetic fragrance chemicals. They are the scents of natural plants, unlike other brands’ essential oils smell terrible when just open the package.
Therapeutic Grade: Firstly, you must know that essential oils must be pure plant extracts to have a therapeutic effect. Adulterated oils or perfume oils won't offer therapeutic effects and may cause allergies, headaches and chemical sensitivities. Essential oils from Mooka are 100% pure, offer multiple aromatherapy healing, cleansing, and fragrance benefits.
1. Lavender: The essence of pure calmness and relaxation with a light, uplifting scent
2. Peppermint: Calming aroma will liven up the mind, body, and soul
3. Tea Tree: Antiseptic properties, invigorating and refreshing scent
4. Eucalyptus: Naturally anti-inflammatory, great for the sinus and its refreshing scent
5. Lemongrass: A great herb for inducing relaxation and balance for the mind
6. Orange: Promotes positive attitudes and induces relaxation for a calm spirit
Mooka Guarantee: 100% Money Back Guarantee.If you are unsatisfied with our essential oil set in any way, just contact Mooka Customer Service for replacement or refund, we are always online.

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