Unique Baby Muslin Swaddle Set, 3-Pack Soft, and Breathable Swaddle Receiving Blankets, 43" x 43" Large Swaddle for Newborn Boys and Girls


Unique Baby Muslin Swaddle Set, 3-Pack Soft, and Breathable Swaddle Receiving Blankets, 43" x 43" Large Swaddle for Newborn Boys and Girls

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About the product

  • 100% cotton
  • ARYAN & GIN COMFY AND SUPPORTIVE BABY MUSLIN BLANKETS; SOFT AS A MOTHER’S TOUCH - Surround your little love with comfy goodness around the clock with this gorgeous set of newborn swaddle blankets in 3 adorable patterns: elephant, triangle and clouds . These breathable and unique baby blankets will look perfect in any bedroom and will allow your baby to sleep comfortably without overheating.
  • OUR GENEROUSLY SIZED MUSLIN BABY BLANKET MAKES SWADDLING EASY AS PIE- These extra-large and cozy 43" X 43" swaddle receiving blankets will provide ultimate comfort and softness while your little one sails off into dreamland. Our breathable and hypo-allergenic newborn swaddle blanket regulates body temperature, keeping baby cosy in winter and cool in summer and helps reduce risk of overheating.
  • THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS FOR THIS NEWBORN BABY BLANKET; USE AS A STROLLER SHADE, BURP CLOTH, NURSING COVER OR BABY SWADDLE BLANKET- No matter how you choose to use your newborn swaddle blankets—crib blankie, stroller cover or for tummy time to name just a few—they will surround your sweetheart in cozy breathable comfort. These versatile swaddles also make the perfect security blankie.
  • CUTE SWADDLE SHEETS ARE A BABY SHOWER “MUST HAVE THAT YOU CAN’T GO WRONG WITH-The ultimate baby gifts that mama and baby will thank you for! These baby swaddles are so versatile, no mother can have too many of them. Throw a baby muslin burp cloth in your diaper bag & you'll always be prepared when you need a burp cloth, bib, portable crib sheet, change or play-mat.


Keep your baby warm, comfortable and confident with a warm infant swaddle blanket that makes them feel safe and secure. Hello! Thank you for visting the Aryan and Gin product page!

We specialize in soft 100% cotton muslin swaddle blankets

We are a family owned business that believes in creating quality stylish products that meet the needs of parents. We want our muslins to be part of creating those special moments as you journey through parenthood.

I believe that Muslins create a special bond between Parents and Baby, they take you on a journey of discovery, love and laughter. As your baby grows so does the functionality of your muslin.

These swaddle sheets can be for your own nursery or simply for a gift for an expecting Mummy 
    Swaddling Using a swaddle wrap is a centuries long tradition which recreates the snug warm comfort of the womb, offering your little on the rest he or she deserves! An Aryan & Gin muslin infant swaddle blanket is a natural way of helping babies to settle faster & bring on a deeper and more comfortable sleep.

Each one of our 100% muslin blankets for babies is luxuriously silky and soft, even after frequent washing, and is perfect for use on baby’s soft skin. The cotton fabric is breathable and hypoallergenic, promoting a deep, comfortable sleep for your baby while preventing overheating. Stylish and Cute Photogenic Designs

Produced in three trendy patterns and white, grey and aqua colours, these high quality 100% cotton muslin baby security blankets will perfectly compliment any baby room. Stop worrying about loose threads and unstitched fabrics, and treat your boy or girl to the best comfort. Better yet, use them as props for your photos and capture images that help you cherish this special journey forever. Versatile Use Whether your babies need warm, swaddling comfort, a quick cover up for discreet breastfeeding, a bib to save baby clothes from getting dirty because you forgot their bibs at home, or even a play mat, our multipurpose blanket set can do it all! It's great for covering strollers while walking about, or keeping car seats cooler under the summer sun. The bundle even comes in a reusable bag so that you can carry it with you, wherever you go.

Key Features   Breathable Unisex Design Machine Washable Silky soft and comfortable Plush, Hypoallergenic Fabric 100% Cotton Muslin Blankets Large Size: Approx. 43 x 43 inches

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