Temporary Parking Phone Card,Reversible Hidden Magnetic Adjustable Phone Number (Black)


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Temporary Parking Phone Card,Reversible Hidden Magnetic Adjustable Phone Number (Black)

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Why we need the tempopary parking card? Temporary parking card for you to solve the hardships due to car full of hardships,is an essential tool for every car.With it,there is no parking space nor worry about temporary parking. 1.Enjoy the fund of traveling by car but worry that the car rear is scratched when parking. 2.Your illegal-stop car is towed away for the police cannot find the car owner.You car is painted when your enjoy your meal leisurely. 3.Fear that the car is deflated and scratched for parking the wrong space.Want to leave the phone number but cannot find the pen and paper. Feature: High-value,small body is not only a number plate,it is a beautiful car accessories. Soft magnetic rubber material easy to disassemble,easy to adsorb,you can freely combine the numbers you need,simple assembly can be used, the replacement number is also very convenient,unlimited reuse. As long as the touch of a button to achieve the number hidden,more convenient protection of the owner\'s privacy. Size:117 x 31 x 27 (mm). Material:ABS. Color:Black/Silver. What\'s in the Box? 1 X Parking Card.

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