50 Gender Reveal Beads Necklaces 7mm plus Game - Large 7mm - 33'' Premium Blue and Pink Beads Necklaces with Don't Say Baby Gender Reveal/Baby Shower Game Set


50 Gender Reveal Beads Necklaces 7mm plus Game - Large 7mm - 33'' Premium Blue and Pink Beads Necklaces with Don't Say Baby Gender Reveal/Baby Shower Game Set

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  • | HIGH QUALITY GENDER REVEAL BEADS + BONUS!! | - Centali’s Gender Reveal Bead Necklaces are an ideal 33’’ long and 7mm round!! Don’t be fooled by smaller 3-6mm beads that can ruin your event! This pack includes 50 bright and beautiful colored plastic beads, 25 Pink, and 25 Blue! This set also includes a Premium Cardstock Trifold Game as an added BONUS! DO NOT BE FOOLED BY OTHER LISTINGS!
  • | CREATE MEMORIES THAT WILL LAST A LIFETIME | - Non Stop Fun!!! Our Gender Reveal Beads are multi purpose! Let your imagination guide you. Perfect for Baby Showers, Gender Reveal Parties, Birthdays, General get togethers, and other themed events! These necklaces make the perfect PARTY FAVOR for guests. This stunning Blue and Pink beads set is perfect for your next event!
  • | DOUBLE-SIDED CUSTOMIZABLE TEMPLATE!! | - Shhhh!!! Don’t Say Baby! Or better yet, YOU DECIDE! Our double sided template gives you the option of choosing 3 of your own words to avoid saying. Mommy and Daddy’s Names?! Feel free to go with whatever you desire! Customize your moment to your liking!
  • | TEAM PINK? OR ARE YOU TEAM BLUE! | - Guess the gender of the baby! Place the beads in a bowl or container by the entrance, have your guests predict the gender of the child based on the necklace they choose! Use the included triangle cardstock to initiate our ‘Don’t Say Baby!’ game. If you catch someone saying any of the forbidden words… Their necklace is yours!!
  • | SATISFACTION AND FUN GUARANTEED | - If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, your money back GUARANTEED! Buy this beads set absolutely risk free!!! How's that for customer service? ;)


PRODUCT FEATURES: ✔ 50 HIGH QUALITY BEAD NECKLACES (25 BRIGHT BLUE & 25 BRIGHT PINK) ✔ INCLUDES A BONUS CUSTOMIZABLE GAME FOR USE WITH THE BEADS! ✔ EASY PARTY FAVOR GIVEAWAY! ✔ IDEAL FOR BABY SHOWER, GENDER REVEAL PARTY, AND OTHER THEMED PARTIES ✔ PINK AND BLUE COLOR SCHEME DESIGNED TO MATCH YOUR THEME ✔ CARDBOARD BOX INCLUDED FOR EASY BEADS STORAGE ✔ HIGH QUALITY, DURABLE, AND THICK CARDSTOCK PRINTED GAME, INK WILL NOT FADE OR BLEED ✔ VERSATILE BEADS TO BE USED AT VARIOUS EVENTS ✔ 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - RECOMMENDED FOR EVERYONE!   50 LARGE 7mm Beads - Large High Quality Blue and Pink beads will catch the attention of your guests and keep them entertained all evening! Decor & Party Favor Use - Our beads and cardstock triangle game will add to the Decor of your event! Give away the beads as a party favor at the end of the night! Or reuse them for your next event! Box included for storage. Unique Bonus Game Design! - Shhhhh Don’t Say Baby! Unique game design is fully customizable to your liking. Incorporate names or even your own inside jokes! Versatile Game Modes - Centali’s Gender Reveal Beads Set is versatile for gameplay! Use the template, or don’t! The choice is yours. If you do use the included game, play with one side, play with the other side, or play using both sides of the trifold game!! Various Events and Themes – Ideal for your Baby Shower, Gender Reveal Party, Boy’s Birthday, Girl’s Birthday, Themed Parties, and so much more!! CENTALI’S PROMISE: CONFIDENCE IN WHAT WE SUPPLY - 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. IF YOU ARE NOT COMPLETELY SATISFIED WE WILL REFUND YOUR PURCHASE. NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

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