Hair Remover Cream for Legs, Bikini and Underarms (Women & Men)

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Hair Remover Cream for Legs, Bikini and Underarms (Women & Men)

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Color:Hair Removal Set Color:Hair Removal Set How to use HAIR REMOVER CREAM:
(1) Please read the precautions before use. The hair removal cream is directly extruded in the hair removal position.
The hair removal is evenly spread with a bespoke benzene curette, and the thickness should be sufficient to cover the body hair.
(2) Leave the hair removal cream on the skin for 15-20 minutes, then gently test the skin with a small tip. If the body hair easily falls off,
scrape the remaining hair removal cream with a curette. If necessary, wait for a few more minutes before clearing, but do not exceed 20 minutes.
(3) Rinse the skin thoroughly with water and gently pat dry. (After hair removal, use the same series of moisturize emulsion, the effect will be better!)

After hair removal and cleansing, apply a proper amount of this product evenly on the skin and gently massage for 2 - 3 minutes until absorbed.

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