Portable 10,000Lux Light Therapy Lamp, Customizable Blue and White LED Energy Lamp with Timer and Dimming, Mimicked Sunlight Lamp with Display Screen (White and Blue)

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Portable 10,000Lux Light Therapy Lamp, Customizable Blue and White LED Energy Lamp with Timer and Dimming, Mimicked Sunlight Lamp with Display Screen (White and Blue)

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About the product

  • Dual Color: One Key for switching nature white 10,000lux and sunny blue for improving your mood and combating winter blue owing to be lack of nature light. Today’s busy modern lifestyles “civilize” us tend to spend more time sitting at the desk with a laptop rather than getting sunlight outdoors. Delonix LED light therapy lamp mimicking the energizing power of bright sunny day and uplift your mood and stay sharp.Extra sky blue shift is more reactive by our retina and trigger the body’s natura
  • Multi-Use:Clinically proven Light therapy lamp naturally increase energy levels and uplift mood and beat winter blues. Delonix light therapy lamp design for people that are struggling with depression from lack of sunlight and dark gloomy days,night shift workers,business man who often travel a lot and suffer circadian rhythm disorder, sleep issue guys.
  • Easy Operation: 2 color modes,4 level brightness, 4 timer settings are easy read on the blue LCD display. 15,30,45,60 minutes timer, Just 20-30 minutes per day will refresh yourself.
  • Modern Design: Slim tablet style naturally fits with modern home,bedroom or office decor. Portable minimalist LED light therapy light is easy carry-on.It’s also a great gift idea for your families,friends or your clerks.
  • 2 year Warranty: Selected latest LED light technology, Free UV,long life span up to 50,000 hours with UL approval adapter,no need to change bulbs ever.


Color:White and Blue Color:White and Blue
Do you feel lethargic and have trouble getting up in the mornings?

Do you feel sluggish each winter?
Are you sleepy during dark gloomy day?
Are you suffering jet leg and can’t fall asleep from long journey?
Do you get circadian rhythm disorder when you work night shift?

You deserve a professional and good quality light therapy lamp.

How does Delonix light therapy lamp work?Light therapy lamp can impact on our internal body clock,it is so call circadian rhythm.
Light in the morning, helps us wake up and feel alert and energized, while dimmer light at night cues us to go to sleep and stay asleep.
A new published study is showing that office workers who receive a robust dose of  light, experience better sleep and lower levels of depression
and stress than those who spend their days in low light levels in the workplace.
Delonix light box has dual colors design fit into diverse people.
Scientic research has shown that within the spectrum of colors contained in daylight,sky blue is the most energizing one.The blue light of Delonix light box is effective as 10,000lux. Another color is nature white mimic sunlight in clear day which is up to 10,000lux.

How to use Delonix LED energy lamp?

Placed Delonix light box on a surface near where a person sits or works, such as next to a computer or TV. We suggest position it at the direction of 2 o’clock.Do not stare at the light box,just let the light dance your face,your retina will feel the light and transfer to your brain.You might initial 15 minutes per in the morning and then test how many minutes you feel better.It might take you a few days to get use to it.

Benefit of Delonix light therapy
Balance sleep and wake
Uplift mood
 Sharpen mind and improve concentration
Anti-fatigue, maintain the energy

What package included?
Dual color light
Universal input voltage adapter
stand for light box

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