kinder Fluff car Mirror Cover (2X) – Biggest in The Market(15’’x16’’)-Water Proof 210T – for Protection Against Sun ice Snow UV and Bird Poop - Side Mirror Covers for Car



kinder Fluff car Mirror Cover (2X) – Biggest in The Market(15’’x16’’)-Water Proof 210T – for Protection Against Sun ice Snow UV and Bird Poop - Side Mirror Covers for Car

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  • Highest Quality-Made of high quality Waterproof materials to provide maximum strength and durability
  • Largest in the market -15 * 16 inches Will fit any car, SUV, Minivan, and even some trucks!
  • All-weather mirror covers–Ultimate protection against summer's sun/uv damage and winter's snow/frost
  • The perfect gift- The must have car exterior accessories for anyone with a vehicle
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Superior Quality THREAD COUNT REFERS TO THE NUMBER OF THREADS USED IN EVERY SQUARE INCH OF FABRIC. Most Mirror Covers in the market are made with 170T/190T Fabric with lesser protection level Kinder Fluff offers superior quality 210T waterproof side mirror protector with higher density, providing better protection against Sun/ UV in summer , Ice/Snow/Frost in winter and Falling leaves/Rain/Bird poop all year round. Read more ULTRA LARGE with ANTI TEFT SYSTEM: Kinder Fluff car mirror cover comes in the largest size in the market to fit any car, SUV, Minivan, and even some trucks! ANTI TEFT SYSTEM: The drawstrings of the snow mirror covers can be closed inside your car window or doors to prevent theft of the mirror covers Read more Ultimate Protection

Against Bird Deposits Have you ever thought how such a little amount of poops could do substantial damage to the paint? How long does it take for a bird poop on car to etch paint? The answer is over 3 minutes. Well, it’s all about science! Bird deposits contain a high amount of uric acid with a pH level somewhere between 3 and 4.5, which is quite acidic. Simple speaking, bird poop on car can slowly eat your car out! Uric acid is corrosive, and it quickly eats the wax coating or paint sealant and cuts through the paint. You can protect your car from this type of damage by using a mirror cover while it is parked outdoor. Against Snow, Ice and Frost Sick of scraping the ice of your mirrors in the morning? We know how you feel... these mirror covers protect your outside rearview mirrors. Just slip these covers over your car side mirrors and move up the locking slide to secure them in place. Now place the plastic knob at the end of the strings inside each car door and close. When you are ready to use your car just take the frost guards off and you are ready to go. Your auto mirrors will be clear and visible. Against Sun/ UV Damage It's common knowledge that exposure to the ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun damages human skin, but these powerful rays also oxidize and fade automobile paint and make a car look old and worn out before its time. UV light is invisible but very powerful. When it makes contact with a surface, that object’s molecules receive a jolt of energy. This extra energy is usually given off as heat, but some of these jolts result in molecular bonds breaking. Over time, when this happens to enough molecules of paint, it no longer interacts with light in the same way. It becomes less reflective and duller, transmitting less light outward that we see as color. Read more Car Mirror Cover Car Window Shade Windshield Sun Shade Travel Pillow Special Feature 210T Waterproof Material 80 GSM 15s Film (Highest Possible) Full UV Protection-2 Transparent 2 Semi-Transparent Sunshades 210T Waterproof Material 300T Cotton and Cluster fiber fill- Hypoallergenic and Machine washable Holiday Gift Idea ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

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