Priksia Hair Straightener Brush Ceramic Heating Hair Straightening Irons brush Anti Scald,Static, Detangling. (Black)



Priksia Hair Straightener Brush Ceramic Heating Hair Straightening Irons brush Anti Scald,Static, Detangling. (Black)

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Color:Black Color:Black Features:
As a combination of hair straightener and comb,Providing the fast & professional hair straightening and styling,
this hair straightener comb allows you get ready quickly for going out in rush morning hours. It emits rich negative ions while working,
combining with air to produce water to moisturizing and hydrating care your hair, helps straighten hair instantly while leaving behind a healthy shine.

Temperature setting guide:
1.For thicker and curls hair,
select higher temperature 210℃-230℃
2.2.For common hair,
select moderate temperature 190℃-210℃
3.For thin and soft hair,
select temperature 170℃-200℃
Please click the button,hold for 3 seconds to start up,and press for 3 seconds to turn it off.
It's recommended that you select the highest temperature at first, and then decrease temp level on the basis of your hair quality.

Tips for Using Hair Straightening Brushes on Curly Hair
1. Your hair should be thoroughly detangled. Yes, even if the brush promises to detangle, you should still detangle yourself first. Make sure every knot and kink is worked out before you use the brush.
2. Use the brush only on healthy hair. If you’re having hair issues, the brush will only make it worse.
3. Hair should be clean and deep conditioned prior to using the hair straightening brush.
4. If you come across a snap while using, stop and work out the snag with your fingers. Don’t try to force the brush through the snag. Some of your hair will come out with it.
5. Use on lightly damp hair (about 85% dry) with a little bit of natural oils applied. You can also stretch your hair a bit first with banding or roller setting before you use the hair straightening brush.
6. As with a flat-iron, work through small sections of hair at a time.
7. Use in moderation. Repeated use of heat appliances will eventually cause damage in the long run.

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