Excuse Me Nail Hardener Advanced Formula Strengthener Nail Growth System 0.5 oz

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Excuse Me Nail Hardener Advanced Formula Strengthener Nail Growth System 0.5 oz

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Ultimate Nail growth system. Repair broken nails fast. Stronger, Harder Nails with One Coat Put an end to cracked, split, broken nails with this incredible nail hardener Use it as a base coat, top coat or clear polish to transform weak nails into longer, stronger, more beautiful ones Usage: Shake gently. Apply to clean, dry, bare nails. when you start its use brush a thin coat from the middle of the nail toward the tip. Once your nails are hard brush a thin layer over the whole nail, avoid cuticles. Excuse Me Nail growth base and top coat system Excuse Me nail strengthening formula was designed by our in-house chemists to help clients with problem nails, nails that do not grow due to exposure to outside elements, and nails affected by acrylics and gels. This amazing professional base and top coat nail growth system is enriched with hydrolyzed wheat protein, hydrolyzed soy protein, keratin, calcium to stimulate healthy nail growth. Promotes growth Super potent Calcium and Proteins enriched Nail strengthening Prevents splitting and breaking Made in USA Read more Karlash products are internationally acclaimed for their quality, beauty and effectiveness for nail growth. We specialize on premium quality products for professional and retail nail care products. All products are fully tested and approved. Read more

Excuse me Nail Harder Refill 2 once If you love our Excuse Me Nail Harder, try our refill size for a more inexpensive application. Excuse me Nail Polish Drying Drops Super Fast Nail Polish Nail drying Drops. Only one drop and it will dry your nail polish in seconds. No need to wait or use air fan which can damage your beautiful nail polish. Karlash Dip Powder System Steps 1 to 6 New line of dipping powder system. These are one of the strongest and longer lasting kits on the market. Steps 1 to 6 which can be used with any brand of dip powders. Try our essential dip powder kit for optimum performance. Read more Read more

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