Kinesiology Tape Water Resistant -Breathable Sport Kinesiology Recovery Tapes 2 Rolls 2 Inch x 16.5 Feet

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Kinesiology Tape Water Resistant -Breathable Sport Kinesiology Recovery Tapes 2 Rolls 2 Inch x 16.5 Feet

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About the product

  • Speedy Recovery & Support Muscles: This kinesiology tape is designed to promote blood circulation and muscle pain relief fast and effectively and reduce joint damage and muscle damage, soreness, etc. Ideal for athletes, outdoor sports lovers and office workers. Perfect for shoulder,knee,back,foot,ankle,skin,elbow,wrist,neck,finger,lower pack,shin, splints, arm and joint. It can be used in a variety of sports, easy to use and carry
  • Featured with FDA and CE approval, 95% cotton, 5% elastic fiber, breathable holes and wavy shape hypoallergenic latex-free adhesive, this kinesiology tape is very comfortable, breathable and safe to wear, also suitable for allergic people
  • This kinesiology tape has high tensile strength, which ensures it has a stretching range of 60% over the original length in the longitudinal direction. Its high adhesive strength, sweatproof and water-resistant feature also prevents the tape from falling off, makes it very practical to use
  • Easy to use: You can cut the tape into different shapes and directly apply it to your skins. Note: 1, It is recommended to apply the tape 60 minutes before exercising and it will provide a relief last for up to 3 -5 days. 2, To avoid impacting wound healing process and preventing further injury, please do not apply the tape on wounds directly if there is a wound like skin abrasion
  • How to Use—Keep your skin clean and dry and remove the hair before use. For protecting your skin, please remove the tape gently after use, baby oil and other emollient products can help to remove it easily. This kinesiology tape has a shelf life of 2 years


Manufactured to the highest quality FDA and CE safety standards for or KINESIOLOGY TAPE. Specially designed to speed up recovery for a variety of outdoor sports injuries, like ankle sprain, groin pull, hamstring strain, knee injury, runner's knee, back pain and various muscle pain. Perfect for sports, exercises, hiking, cycling, mountain biking, gymnastics, cross fit, yoga, tennis, boxing, swimming, athletics, basketball, weight lifting, etc

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