Standing Desk, Breet Stand Up Desk Adjustable Sit Stand Desk Ergonomic Laptop Desk (150-480mm)

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Standing Desk, Breet Stand Up Desk Adjustable Sit Stand Desk Ergonomic Laptop Desk (150-480mm)

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Adjustable Standing Desk

It is easy to switch from sitting to standing positions in a second, hold the handles and apply pressure up or down to raise or lower your desktop. Adjust the height according to your own needs, once you get the desired height, just release the handles to fix it. Our stand up desk is designed for those who always sit in front of computers to work in the office or home. This standing desk is benefitial to your back, neck, wrist, lumbar and the circulation problems. Just go to enjoy the frrrdom of sitting or standing while working.

Lifing Ways: Rotating shaft springs
Lifting Levels: Any height within the scope
Range of Height: 0.49 feet to 1.57 feet
Materials: Cold-roll steel sheets + Environmental board
Suitable for the Croud: Workers who always sit for a long time
Max Load-bearing: 35 pounds
Product Dimension: 3 feet*2 feet
Net Weight: 44 pounds

Directions for Use:
1. After unpack the package box, put the standing desk on your office table to use.
2. There is an adjustable handles in both sides of the standing desk, you just need to hold the handles to adjust the desk height according to your needs, and release the handles once you get the desired height, then enjoy this stand up desk.

Package Contents:
1* Standing Desk
1* Carton Box
1* User Manual

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