Alca Classic 2pac T-Shirt with a Well-Tailored V-Neck 2XL-B Black


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Alca Classic 2pac T-Shirt with a Well-Tailored V-Neck 2XL-B Black

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2 pack / 2pk Alca Classic T-shirt, with a well-tailored v-neck Revolutionary new T-shirt Alca Fashion is a ultimate brand collection of mens t shirts with specially developed basic T-shirts for men with a waist size XXL to 8 XL. An Alca Classic T-shirt is designed to fit perfectly around the shoulder line and chest. The T-shirt has been made in a stylish and refined manner, and has been modified at its base, to camouflage even a large stomach. More radiance, as the T-shirt pays more heed to the male body relationship between the waist size, the chest and the shoulders. Advantages of the Alca Classic T-shirt The Alca T-shirt fits better, at both the top and the bottom of the garment. Stretchable and flexible, due to its mix of 95 % cotton and 5% elastomer. The cotton choice is of excellent quality, meaning the fabric does not become unshapely. Soft, due to the combed cotton. Perfect moisture absorption, due to the choice of cotton, and the elastomer. Provided with a 'transfer', rather than irritating neck-labels. The Alca T-shirt - made of 95 % combed cotton and 5 % elastomer With combed cotton, the short cotton fibres are combed away, before it is spun. The longer cotton fibres provide a stronger, softer and more flexible T-shirt . This also explains why the cotton gives off fewer bobbles and keeps its shape for longer, even after washing.

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