Heavy-Duty Beard Balm by Mountaineer Brand (2 oz) | Beard Tamer and Leave-in Conditioner | WV Timber Scent


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Heavy-Duty Beard Balm by Mountaineer Brand (2 oz) | Beard Tamer and Leave-in Conditioner | WV Timber Scent

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About the product

  • THIS IS HOW TO TAME A WILD BEARD. Heavy-Duty balm goes to work in two ways when it comes to taming an out of control beard. The waxes and butters offer some control without making it feel greasy or without weighing it down. It also conditions your beard so that the crazy dry pieces are conditioned enough to behave.
  • STOPS ITCH & CONTROLS DANDRUFF. This balm is full of hydrating oils and butters that go to work to keep your skin and hair soft and conditioned, eliminating flakes and itching almost immediately.
  • FOR A TOUCHABLY SOFT BEARD. A well-conditioned beard is a soft beard. So soft you won’t be able to stop touching it.
  • HANDCRAFTED with care in WV, USA and made with 100% NATURAL ingredients
  • From a brand you can TRUST: Obtain and maintain BEST BEARD status


Heavy-Duty Balm really packs a wallop when it comes to hold. It smooths that wild beard and gives it just the right amount of control-all while looking natural. You won't look waxed or still, just great. Scented with cedarwood & fir needle, our WV Timber scent is incredibly popular. Finally you can get that BEST BEARD status that you know you deserve. It's easier than you think. Beard envy ends here. Treat your beard to the best. Mountaineer Brand Heavy-duty Balm softens your hair and the skin underneath, allowing for optimal beard growth and eliminating beard dandruff and flakes. Beard balm works by keeping your beard conditioned and hydrated, therefore less prone to breakage and split ends. It also keeps the skin under your beard moisturized, allowing the hair to break through more easily. · All-Natural ·No animal products · Cruelty Free - no animal testing · Lightly Scented (No Heavy Scents or Artificial Perfumes) Best Balm Ever: A review by a verified Amazon Customer I wanted a few things in a balm. Natural, strong hold, and American made. This meets all 3. The hold is a bit light if you have a large beard. For a beard 1 inch or so it is very strong and handles stray hair well. More than an inch or so it still works well, but the arrays are hard to manage. Also, great company as I have has multiple emails with and they stand behind their products. Perfect hold: A review by a verified Mountaineer Brand Customer Great product. Exactly the kind of control I needed for my beard to look great. Am definitely buying more.

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