Lmain Exfoliating Foot Peeling Mask Deep Moisturizing Feet Care Removes Calluses, Dead and Dry Skin for Men Women Lavender Scented (2 pairs)



Lmain Exfoliating Foot Peeling Mask Deep Moisturizing Feet Care Removes Calluses, Dead and Dry Skin for Men Women Lavender Scented (2 pairs)

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About the product

  • 【Lmain Foot Peel Mask Effects】 Keep your feet from dry and rough, effectively soften the aged cuticle, remove dry dead skin, and repair your coarse, cracked and other foot problems.
  • 【Safe and Painless】 Our foot treatment is based on unique recipe with lavender extract, plant fruit acid, lactic acid, various plant extracts and water molecules; no fluorescent whitening, which is mild and non-irritating. Get beautiful tender feet through a healthy, safe and painless way.
  • 【Easy to Use】 Step 1: Foot soak for 15-20 minutes; Step 2: Open and wear the exfoliating socks waiting for 60 - 90 minutes; Step 3: Remove and wash your foot. To achieve the best effect, keep your feet soaked for 10-20 mins everyday after using Lmain Foot Peel Mask. Peeling is expected to start in 3-4 days, the whole process lasts about 7 days.
  • 【Men and Women in One Size】 Including 2 pairs of foot peel hard skin remover socks; universal size design, fit all sizes of feet of men and women.
  • 【Notice】 If you are the sensitive skin, it's more safer for you to do a sensibility test before using it.Get some liquid from the mask and put it on your ankle or on the top of your feet. Then wait 10 minutes to see how it works. Don't forcibly peel off the dead skin by hand as it may cause damage to the skin.


b> Lmain Foot Peel Mask Deep Moisturizing Feet Care Removes Calluses
How To Use
1. Clean and dry your feet.
2. Take out the foot mask and cut along the dotted line.
3. Put your foot into the mask and seal the opening by the sticker, can move around freely.
4. Close the openings with the attached stickers. Wear the mask for 60-90 minutes to take the essence in the liquid to be absorbed into the skin.
5. Remove the mask and wash feet gently with soap.
6. Dead skin will start peeling 3-5 days after initial application. For better peeling performance, please keep feet in warm water for 20 minutes each day.
7. Allow dead skin to peel off naturally. Do not forcibly remove the dead skin and it may cause damage to the skin.
Package Contents:
2 x Foot Treatment
-For external use only.
-If it is not suited to your skin during the use, please stop to use.
-Do not use this product if you are pregnant or nursing without first consulting your physician.
-Athlete's foot or skin wound, swelling, itching, inflammation etc, please stop to use.
-The applied feet will become a little dry after use, it belong to normal phenomenon.
-For external use only, avoid contact with eyes. Lrritating to eyes. If product get into eyes and stinging occurs, rinse with warm water. Avoid using on feet with wounds or sensitive skin.
-It is not recommended using the second pair within 3 months after your first peeling.

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