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Olfactory Alarm Clock, Scent+Light+Sound Digital LED Clock with 4 Perfume Capsules, 7 Ringtones, Color Changing Night Light, Adjustable Dimmer & Volume, USB Cellphone Chargers for Bedroom Kids Seniors

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About the product

  • ❀ WAKE UP PLEASANTLY WITH FRAGRANCE + MELODIES + LIGHT: Do you want to experience a new way to enjoy the morning rings? Then try our newly desigend PPLEE sense awakening alarm clock. Instead of a panic alarm sound, we will use: 4 refresh Aroma, 7 selectable melodies and light to awaken you gently. The perfume fragrance will be emanated automatically 15 minutes before the alarm goes off, so your senses will have enough time to wake naturally and get a wonderful start of the day.
  • ❀ 4 REFRESHED PERFUME CAPSULES INCLUDED: We included 4 different individually packaged capsules - Peppermint, Sweet Orange, Lavender and Tea Tree, which are made from 100% naturally plants to give you a new experience. You can also enter into our store to buy your favorite scent separately. Unpack one capsule that you like to use, then put it tightly into the slot on the top. The essential oil capsules are volatile products. After unpacking, the longest effective use time is 15 days.
  • ❀ EASY TO OPERATE: Combine with practical and simple, we designed this perfume alarm clock with multifunctional buttons, and all the operational buttons are on the top for your convenience, such as SNOOZE/LIGHT button to get you extra 9 minutes sleep or to light up your room easily. ALARM PAUSE button to turn off the alarm for 24 hours. Bright orange button for ALARM ON/OFF forever. DIMMER & VOLUME are both 5-lever adjustable. Easy to set time and alarm with big HOUR and MIN buttons too.
  • ❀ 7 ALARM RINGTONES & 7 COLORED BACKLIGHT: Bored with the single alarm sound? Our olfactory digital clock provides 7 selectable sound, not only inclued the traditional beep sound, but also add up another 6 euphonies to wake you up in the morning. Around the round square LED digital display, the 7 colored night light is available to embellish your bedroom. When the alarm goes off, the backlight will turn on automatically too. This bedside clock will use scent, sound, and light to wake you up.
  • ❀ OUTLET POWERED WITH BATTERY BACK UP & USB CELLPHONE CHARGING PORT: Outlet power is a must for this bedroom clock to support time display and all other functions, install 2*AAA size battery to backup time & alarm setting in case of a power outage. The USB charging port allows you to charge your digital device when you use the scent clock at night. 12/24 hour time format and DST function are also available.
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